About Us

Everybody’s unique, and that’s what makes the world so beautiful. True beauty is authentic. Being who you choose to be and expressing that with pride is what authenticity is all about – and that’s beautiful.

We believe hair extensions and wigs should make you feel happy. It should be fun, joyful and give you confidence.

We also believe that hair extensions and wigs have the power to change the world. When people feel beautiful, they radiate joy and energy. Just imagine how the world would change if everyone felt that way, every single day.

To empower that change, we at Tara Hair have made it our mission to liberate and celebrate the diversity of your beauty.

A consumer-first strategy

Ever since we were founded, consumer-focused change has been at the heart of our business. Our two divisions, Tara Hair and Quality Hair, have complete accountability for the businesses within their remit, as well as their categories and channels. Tara Hair is all about celebrating luxury hair extensions and high-end wigs at affordable prices cs products.

Tara Hair  helps millions of people around the world express their beauty through the power of hair extensions and wigs.

Our two divisions – Tara Hair and Quality Hair – are home to iconic global brands as well as much-loved regional brands. Tara Hair focuses on affordable hair extensions and wigs, while Quality Hair focuses on the highest hair quality.