Tara Hair designed these tape in human hair extensions so that those with thin or fine hair can wear extensions easily & comfortably. Lightweight and easy to apply, our virtually undetectable tape in extensions are a great way of getting longer & fuller hair quickly with no hassle. Applying Tara Hair’s human hair tape in extensions is easy. Here’s how:

Your hairdresser will take a very thin section of your own hair and apply one tape-in weft above it and one tape-in weft below it. In other words, “sandwiching” your own hair between the two tape-in wefts. Our objective in creating these tape in extensions was to offer hair extensions that are easy to apply and remove.

Step 1: Prep Your Hair
Before applying the extension, you’ll want to make sure your natural hair is clean and dry. Wash your hair with only a clarifying shampoo, blow dry it completely before beginning the process. The smoother your starting texture and teh least amount of oils your hair has, the better your final results will be.

Step 2: Divide Your Hair into Sections
Start by parting your hair down the middle of your head from front to back. Then, create a horizontal part just behind your ears – this will be where you eventually attach the wefts. To keep the top section out of the way while you’re working, clip it away or hold it tight with a holding spray.

Step 3: Measure
Once you’ve decided on the placement of the wefts, hold each one up against your head to determine where you should place them. The goal is to make each weft as inconspicuous as possible by cutting them as close to your natural hairline as possible. Always wear gloved when working with tape in extensions.

Step 4: Press the Wefts onto Your Hairline
Starting at the nape of your neck, gently press each weft onto your natural hairline – making sure that the adhesive tapes are firmly attached on both sides. Once all of the wefts are in place, lightly brush through them with a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb to blend them into your natural hair texture.

And there you have it – a quick and easy guide on how to apply Tara Hair’s tape-in human hair extensions! Whether you’re looking for a little extra volume or length, our Extensions are a great option for those with thin or fine hair who want an ultra-trendy way to change up their look with minimal hassle.