Looking for a quick method for modifying your hair? Hair extensions are your answer. You just have to know what kind of hair extensions are the right one for you, and they will be your go-to in times of styling needs, or moments when we regret the new haircut, or wish that our hair could be of different texture.

Getting hair extensions is a smart investment. They back you up in desperate times when your hair requires an instant makeover for a certain hairstyle that you want for an event. Let’s discuss some benefits of getting hair extensions.

But are you ready to give up so easily? What if there was an option that could help you salvage the moment and relive through those precious moments with some dignity?

Some of the many benefits of investing in the hair extensions that go with your hair type and overall styling have been discussed below.

  • Length

tape in hair extensions length

The most obvious benefit of getting hair extensions is “modification”. If you are a few inches short of making your desired hairstyle and would like a temporary addition of length, then the quickest and easiest method to achieve that is getting hair extensions. Not only is it a convenient option, but also quite friendly on the pocket. Hair extensions are available in various lengths so you can easily select according to your preference.

  • Hairstyle

No one can deny that experience of wanting to change your appearance a little bit but not wanting to risk anything permanent. If that’s the case with you too, then hair extensions will act as your savior. They allow you to have a different, temporary hairstyle without much risk since you won’t have to cut or style your actual hair too much. Another advantage of hair extensions is that they also help in fixing a messed up haircut.

  • Experimentation

As the phases of life change, most of us feel the wish for a makeover, including dramatically changing your hairstyle. However, we are not always sure what kind of hairstyle would suit us best or if it would be the right one for us. Moreover, some of us like to change appearances, including hairstyles, pretty frequently which could sometimes be time taking and costly. Not if you make the smart choice of using hair extensions to experiment beforehand! Dyeing, cutting, styling, go wild with your experiments because your hair extensions would support you through it all.

  • Volume

In the life of today, the atmosphere and conditions tend to damage our hair which wears it down and takes away all beauty from it. If that’s stopping from sporting a lusciously voluminous hairstyle to any event, you know what to do. That’s right, get your hair extensions on for extra, beautiful volume in your hair.

For people who suffer from hair diseases like alopecia, the hair extensions can help uplift their confidence and make me feel better about themselves.

  • Styling

Who says you have to hold back and compromise on your hairstyling dreams just because your hair doesn’t meet the requirements? Your hair extensions certainly do, and they’ll aid you in totally nailing any hairstyle, provide the required length, volume, and texture.

  • Easy Makeover

One might think that the procedure might be too much of a hassle, but hair extensions are quite easy to install, especially if temporary. Permanent ones, however, require more expertise. Hair extensions are your instant and easy answer in case you want to spice up your hair look in a jiffy.


What are tape-in hair extensions?

When choosing the extensions, there are many factors we would have to bring into consideration.

Types Of Hair Extensions

There are multiple types of hair extensions, suiting different kinds of needs and styles. Let’s have a look at the various kinds of hair extension.

To help you decide, we did a little research of our own and came up with a bit of helpful material regarding the different types of hair extensions that were available in the market today.

To help you choose the best and ensure that our vote is impartial, it is important that we begin by taking a look at all the different types of hair extensions that are around.

Wigs and hair pieces

These are usually pieces that go over your head as a whole or in huge chunks. The choice is all yours. You can get something that would cover your full head or some section of it for enhanced styling. Either way, they seem to work perfectly if you have a certain hairstyle in mind.

However, no matter how carefully you elect them, they never really blend in with your own hair type and often end up looking fake. Until, of course, you are ready to pay huge amounts for a simple wig which is insane when you have so many other options readily available.

This is not something we want. Requiring extra maintenance, these wigs and hairpieces not only have to be washed properly but also taken care of on a regular basis.


Clip in extensions

Clip-In extensions top the list because they are super easy to use, backing you up when you want to experiment different styles with your hair. These are sections of hair attached to a clip which you can install on your head yourself without having to visit a salon. They too, like all kinds of hair extensions, require certain care and will hold up for about 6 to 12 months, depending on the frequency of your use.



While these hair extensions are a bit more demanding and require expertise for application, sew-in hair extensions are quite promising when it comes to giving your hair healthy looking volume. Since the installation process for these is a little complicated, it is best to get it done from a professional. The wefts of hair are sewn into braids of your hair for a stronghold, hence why they go best with thick hair. Sew-in hair extensions give you gorgeous volume and length for up to a couple months. However, they might not be the best option for you if you are not a fan of tight hairstyles.

sews-in hair extensions




When it comes to quick and easy modification your hair, tape-in hair extensions are quite a good candidate. These, too, do not necessarily require professional help, you can install these at home by sectioning your hair and taping in the extensions properly and then brushing through. Tape-ins provide you instant hair upgrade without committing to anything permanent. With proper care, they will last up to 2 months and are suitable for all types of hair.

So, which one of these do you think would be the best ones for you? Yes, you guessed it right: the tape-in hair extensions and they have our vote of confidence too.

Micro-Loop Extensions

These hair extensions need professional precision to get them applied on your head properly. The good thing is that micro-loop extensions do not require any heating for application; they have tiny silicone loops at the beginning of the extensions that are tied with your real hair, for a natural and well-blended look, giving your hair a more voluminous look. If cared well for, micro-loop hair extensions will hold up for around 4 months. If you are aiming for a somewhat long term commitment with hair extensions, then micro-loop hair extensions would prove to be a good idea for you. They will save you from the hassle of worrying about them slipping out too soon, as the process of their installation ensures a firm grip, for a trouble-free upgrade in your hair.

Fusion Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are more time taking in terms of installation, but it is worth it since they last a good period of about 6 months. These extensions are fused into sections of your hair with Keratin glue, thus resulting in a permanent addition of length and volume to your hair. These extensions can be used only once since the glue for the application cannot be reused. Apart from that, they require ample care and caution because our everyday hair products can damage the bond which will result in the extensions coming loose.

Now, you must be wondering what kind of hair extensions you should get for yourself. There are many factors about hair extensions that contribute to knowing what you want, which are as mentioned below.


#1 Synthetic VS Human Hair:

This is perhaps the most significant part in the selection of the right kind of hair extensions. Synthetic hair is made of artificial fibers, which means less worrying about cleaning but also fewer options for styling since you can’t use heat on them. Human hair extensions are made from, as you must have guessed, human hair given by donors. Human hair is more flexible for styling since they can tolerate heat, but require maintenance more focused upon than synthetic hair. Human hair type also extends to Remy hair, which is the hair of the same length and cuticle type.

#2 Dyeing:

Coloring your hair allows you multiple experiments. However, you have to be careful with extensions since some of them are sensitive to treatment, like dying. Human hair can respond to color treatments well, more than synthetic hair that cannot handle the chemicals.  

#3 Thickness of Your Hair:

Since hair extensions add weight to your hair, your real hair needs to be considerably thick to hold the weight of the extensions. Thinner hair is better suited with lighter attachments like tape-ins.

#4 Budget:

Hair extensions vary in prices depending on their quality. Human hair extensions cost more than synthetic ones, due to their fineness and originality. Time durability also decides the price of extensions.

You can get the best quality of hair extensions at USAhair.com in a vast range of length, volume, and colors, so you can easily find the right ones for you! 

Why hairstylists prefer tape in hair extensions?

There is a reason why all the salons and hairstylists prefer tape-in hair extensions. They are quick and easy to use and provide quite a natural finish. We have done our share of research to let you know why tape-in hair extensions are the most preferred form of hair extensions.

Why exactly this method is preferred?

why exactly this method is preferred

There are various reasons which make tape-in hair extensions the best hair extensions to choose from the rest. Hairstylists all over the world love using tape-in hair extensions because of the following reasons. 

#1 Simple Process: 

The best part about tape-in ha extensions is that the application process is simple and require no special expertise or training. The adhesive on the hair extensions safely sticks to the hair to give them more volume and length instantly. 

This painless and simple extension process take up to 45 minutes in which the crown is also filled with the extra volume of smaller pieces.

#2 Cost Effective: 

One of the main reasons why tape-in hair extensions are preferred is that they are really cost effective. You can get your hands on a set of tape-in hair extensions at a very reasonable price rate that can last you up to a year if properly taken care of. 

#3 Reliable and Comfortable: 

These hair extensions are also one of the most durable and comfortable ones to get installed. You won’t feel any tugging and pulling in your hair for that matter. They have no side effects which make these hair extensions the best choice for all hair types. 

#4 No Damage to Hair: 

Tape-in hair extensions can be worn no matter what your hair type is. They are 100% safe and easy to use and will cause no damage to the roots of your natural hair. 

#5 Reusable and Flexible:

Of course, the tape-in hair extensions are completely reusable and can be worn again and again if you take care of them and store them properly. The adhesive of tape-in hair extensions is also separately available in case yours get a bit worn out. 

#6 Easy Management and Aftercare: 

The best part about tape-in hair extensions is that they are quite easy to take care of. They are easy to manage while staying hidden perfectly inside your hair.

The good thing is this hair extension can be re-used for almost 3 to 4 times.


Tape-In Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Like all other hair extensions, tape-ins too have some benefits to them as well as a few downside points. Just so you are well aware of all the ups and downs before purchasing, have a look at this list of pros and cons of tape-in hair extensions.


Tape-in extensions are a great option when you need some modification in your hair length, volume, or texture. Here are some pros of getting tape-ins.

#1 Comfortable:

Due to the fairly light tape bits used for attaching these extensions to your scalp, tape-ins are quite comfortable and easy to bear all throughout the day. The tape is lightweight and almost invisible, so you don’t have to worry about the extensions tugging your hair down and causing discomfort to your scalp.

#2 Reusable:

Tape-ins extensions excel not only in quality but also in sustainability. If you treat them gently and take good care of them, you can use them again if you have taken them off.  The adhesive is strong and can offer a handful of uses before wearing out.

#3 Blending:

Since the adhesive part of the tape-in hair extensions is quite light and hardly visible, they blend in pretty well and easily with your hair, giving you a beautifully natural look with added volume and length. Make sure they are installed correctly, and they won’t look artificial at all.

#4 Suit Thin Hair:

The kind of hair extensions that are the best suiting for thin hair is the tape-in ones, owing to their almost invisible tape parts that attach the wefts of hair to your scalp. This way, you can add loads of volume to your hair without the extensions showing through, so you don’t have to worry about a fake and unsatisfying look. The adhesive doesn’t tug on the roots and scalp either, making it the well-loved choice among extension users.

#5 Easily Applicable:

Tape-in extensions are the best option for those who want quick modification in their hair. Tape-in hair extensions are really easy to apply, just part your hair in sections and apply the sticky part to your scalp and voila! Just this easy installation and you will have gorgeous and healthy looking volume and length added to your hair in no time. In addition to this, tape-in hair extensions are safe for all hair and skin types.


#1 Slippage:

Any mistake or lacking in the application of tape-in hair extensions can cause the adhesive to come off which results in the extensions slipping out of your hair, which is quite a hassle, no doubt. The installation process for these hair extensions requires certain attention, to make sure that all the tape parts are properly attached to your scalp to avoid the extensions from slipping out of your hair, which, to be honest, can be a cause for embarrassment in public. 

#2 Costly:

Your budget is a factor that plays a significant factor in deciding the right kind of hair extensions for you. Tape-in hair extensions are pretty high quality as they are usually made from human hair, which means they are also high in prices. Even though they are reusable, which is a total win, the initial price can be quite costly.  Though tape-in hair extensions might have you digging out from your pocket a tad bit more than you originally planned, the investment is definitely worth it since they last well and give a natural feel.

#3 High Maintenance:

Since the tape parts are what are keeping these extensions on, you have to be really careful about them. You cannot use any heating tools near them, as the heat might melt the adhesive which will make the extensions slip. Also, you cannot use any products with sulfate which dissolves the adhesive, or any chemical products that might damage or weaken the tape.


6 benefits of tape in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are preferred and loved by many, all over the world, due to them being super convenient. Here are some benefits of tape-in hair extensions that you might want to check out.

#1 Help With Hair Loss:

Because of the pollution from the atmosphere that we live in, or the many chemicals we use in it, our hair gets damaged and starts falling. We experience hair loss because of other reasons as well like illness. To cover up your lack of hair, tape-ins will swoop in as your savior and save the day with additional, natural-looking volume.

So, with tape in hair extension method, you can get the natural look, density, and beauty without any further damage to your natural hair.

#2 Great For Thin Hair:

It happens often that people with thin hair struggle to find easy solutions to add desired thickness and length to their hair. Well, the best answer for them is tape-in hair extensions. These extensions are light in terms of the application so they don’t weigh down on your head, and provide you with amazing volume that looks almost real and gives off a natural feel.

#3 Multiple Styling Options:

Now that you have the length, volume, and texture in your hair that you have been dreaming of, you can try that hairstyle that you have been wanting to but couldn’t make because of your hair didn’t meet certain requirements. The added volume and length will widen the options of hairstyles for you, allowing you to style your hair in any which way that you like.

#4 Easily Installed:

It goes without saying that the best thing about tape-in hair extensions is that they are so easy to apply and that’s what makes them so loved among frequent users of hair extensions. You can install these extensions to your head in the comfort of your own home without needing professional help. However, make sure to get the tape parts on properly so the adhesive sticks firmly otherwise your hair extensions will fall off.

#5 Can Be Reused:

Tape-in hair extensions are not only easy to install but you can easily take these off too, and if you store and keep them with proper attention and care, you can even use them again when the time comes. That way, you will not have to spend money on buying hair extensions over and over again. If you treat them well while you are wearing them, your tape-in hair extensions will stay on for about 2 months before they require reapplication or any retouch.

#6 Smart Investment:

The price of any kind of hair extensions is a contributing factor in your decision of buying them. That is where tape-in extensions prove to be a great candidate. Although the initial cost of the tape-in hair extensions might be a little hefty due to their high quality, you can reuse them once you have taken them off, which frankly makes them pretty cost effective. That is why tape-in hair extensions are a smart investment, and why it is a smart choice to go for tape-ins when purchasing quick and easy kind of hair extensions.

Applying Tape-In Extensions

Now that you know all that you need to know tape-in hair extensions and, say, you have decided to get yourself some of those, you would definitely need a few pointers on how to install them to your head. Plus, a few tips and tricks to ace the process would not hurt, so here are a few handy tips that would get you through the process of installing tape-in extensions like a pro.
how to apply tape in hair extensions


To begin with, let us take into account some tips on how you should actually begin the process. These will get you started on the right path and prepare your hair for best results too.

These tips are somewhat basic but specifically modified to help you if you are using the tape in extensions.

But, regardless of the choice you make, the basic steps and guidelines remain the same and thus these following tips can be translated into other types of hair extensions too.

#1 Get Professional Help: 

Even though tape-in hair extensions are quite easy to install and you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home all by yourself, it is still a better idea to get professional help if it is the first time you are applying those extensions. A professional would guide you to getting all the steps done correctly.

#2 Effective Adherence:

Since the tape part is what gets the hair extensions attached to your head, it is important that are applied firmly so the adhesive sticks to your scalp strongly in order for the extensions to be attached properly and avoid slippage. So, when applying these extensions, make sure to press on the tape part appropriately so you can obtain the maximum power of adherence.

It needs to be free from any sorts of oils or products that may interfere with the stickiness of the tape.

#3 Proper Placement:

Nobody wants to get hair extensions that look fake and unnatural, and the key to avoiding that is to make sure that the attachment part of your extensions is hidden and well blended with your hair. Therefore, when you are installing your tape-in hair extensions, make sure to place them correctly in the right place, in proper sections, so that you can cover the tape attachments with your hair, for a natural and beautiful look.

#4 Clean Base:

The best way to ensure that your tape-in hair extensions stay in your hair is to make sure that the adhesive has strongly attached to your scalp, which requires a clean base to work with. Meaning, that it is always important to properly wash, clean, and dry your scalp so that no dirt or grease gets in the way of the adhesive, which can result in improper application and the hair extensions coming loose. 

#5 Start from bottom:

To get even and balanced length of hair from top to bottom, it is best to start attaching the hair extensions from the bottom of your scalp, which is the top of your neck. Starting from the bottom, strategically move upwards as you attach the extensions, which will give you a clear idea of the length so you don’t end up with a choppy, unbalanced hairstyle.

#6 Attach And Repeat:

Now that you have a fair idea of where and how to place your tape-in hair extensions, you can start with the final step, that is attaching the extensions.  Press well for strong attachment, and repeat the process. Install the extensions with concentration, to avoid mistakes, and repeat the process until you have achieved the desired length or volume.

#7 Styling:

Hopefully, these guide full of handy tips and tricks will be helpful for you and aid you through the process of installing your tape-in extensions on your head successfully. Now that you have got your tape-ins attached and secured, it is time to get started on what you have probably been waiting for the most and what is a total benefit of getting hair extensions. Yes, we are talking about styling your hair. With having gained the desired length, volume, texture, or color of the hair with your tape-in hair extensions, you can now make the hairstyle of your dreams. The extensions allow you to try a number of hairstyles that you could not try before due to your hair lacking certain requirements, which have now been fulfilled by your tape-in hair extensions! Go bold and go wild, try whatever kind of hairstyle that you want to, whether it is an elegant hair bun or a wild, multi-colored hairdo.

However, there are a few mistakes that you can make and mess up the whole installation or styling process of your tape-in hair extensions. Here is what those mistakes are. 

Mistake #1

The mistake that a lot of women make with hair extensions is that they wear it to the pool and beach parties as well. If you plan on taking a dive, then make sure to take all the precautionary measures to protect your hair extensions. Put on a swimming cap to protect your hair extensions from the salt and chlorine water and extend the life of your hair extensions.

Mistake #2

When you are wearing hair extensions, make sure to avoid showing regularly. Using shampoos and other hair care products can weaken the strength of the tape-in adhesives cause them to fall out. Wash them twice a week with a gentle shampoo and a mild conditioner for the best results. 

Mistake #3

Once you are done showering, allow your hair to dry naturally. If you want to use a towel just make sure to pat dry your hair instead of tugging and pulling. Too much force and friction can cause your hair extensions to fall out as they are attached to your hair, not the scalp. 

Mistake #4

gently brush

One more common mistake that the hair extension users make is the aggressive brushing. We all go a bit too harsh on our natural hair and we do the same to our hair extensions. As we mentioned above, too much tugging and pulling can make your hair extensions weaker and cause them to fall out. 

Mistake #5

One mistake that mot tape-in extension users make, especially the newbies, is that they treat their hair extensions like their natural hair. Being a bit too carefree with your hair extensions can damage the adhesive and the hair or your extensions. Be extra careful while styling your hair extensions, because after all they are not your natural hair and needs extra attention. 

Tie your hair up in a light ponytail while sleeping or wrap a buff around them so that they don’t come under your back and get damaged while you are sleeping.

Mistake #6

The worst thing you can do to your hair is attaching cheap and low-quality hair extensions to them. Always get your hands on high-quality hair extensions. At USAhair.com you can find the best quality hair extensions of all kinds in the style of your choice.  

How Long Can Tape-In Hair Extensions Be Used For?

The lifespan of your tape-in hair extensions heavily falls upon how well you treat them and how much you take care of them. If you treat them with just the right kind of attention and take care of the adhesive when the extensions are installed, your tape-in will last up to somewhere between 4 to 12 months, depending on how frequently how you use them.

How To Remove Tape-In Hair Extensions?

First and foremost, you need a super bond remover to remove the adhesive properly. Tugging at it otherwise can cause serious damage and rips. Let the bond remover sit on the adhesive for a couple of minutes, then gently peel the tape off.


Can Tape-In Hair Extensions Be Reused?

Yes, that’s one of the best things about tape-in hair extensions. Once again, we will mention that they require care and attention, so you can reuse them and make the most of your money.

How do you make your tape-in hair extensions last longer?

The best way to make your tape-in hair extensions last longer is to keep them in top shape, meaning that you keep them clean and in good condition. Always remember to keep them untangled and smooth, and make sure to never let them adhesive part come in contact with any heating tools. Avoid too many products so that your tape-in extensions don’t wear out quickly. Give them helpful treatment like gentle conditioning. Here are a few tips on how you can make your tape-in hair extensions last for a good amount of time.

#1 Stay Clear of Any Oil Or Grease:

If you have hair that is naturally oily and collects dirt or grease easily, then it is best to shower and wash your hair frequently to keep them clean so that no dirt comes in the way of your tape-in hair extensions adhering properly to your scalp, otherwise, they can fall off easily. However, do not use too much of any chemical products like shampoo or conditioner because that too can damage your hair extensions. Light cleansing every now and then will suffice.

Use gentle hands while shampooing and avoid tugging on the tapes of the tape-in hair extensions.

#2 Remember To Brush Your Hair Regularly:

Brushing your hair frequently and regularly is one of the most important steps when it comes to taking care of your tape-in hair extensions. Thorough brushing or combing is necessary to avoid or get rid of any tangles and knots in your extensions which can seriously dampen the quality of your tape-in extensions and decrease their lifespan.

#3 Provide Some Comfort To Your Extensions:

Especially if you are among of those who like to sleep with their hair open and loose, it would be beneficial if you sleep on silk pillow covers so that your hair can move smoothly as you turn in your sleep. On less smooth covers, the hair can tangle up due to rubbing against the cover, causing possible tearing and knotting in the hair extensions.

#4 Take Caution While Styling:

While using hair extensions allows you to style your hair in any which way that you like, there are, however, some conditions nevertheless when it comes to styling your hair extensions. Firstly, avoid heating tools at all costs unless your extensions are made of human hair. As for tape-in hair extensions, make sure to not get any heat near the tape part, whether it’s for styling or drying your hair, as it can cause the adhesive to melt, thus resulting in the bond coming loose and the hair extensions slipping out. 

Never, and I mean NEVER use ironing rods at the point where your tapes are attached or even near them as the ironing rods can easily melt the tapes.

#5 Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals On Your Hair:

Any and all hair products containing strong chemicals, for example, sulfate shampoo, bleach, hair dye, etc, should be kept away from hair extensions because that is the very thing that will degrade and harm the quality of the extensions. When using any shampoo, gel, or cream on your hair extensions, make sure they are free of all harsh chemicals.

The quality of the hair and tape used in the tape-in hair extensions can greatly affect their strength and hence, the amount of time they’ll last.


Mistakes While Installing Tape-In Hair Extensions

Even with extensions as simple and easy to install as tape-in extensions, you are bound to make some mistakes when buying them. Read on to find out what the mistakes are and how to avoid them.#1 Purchasing fewer extensions than required:

Buying an insufficient amount of hair extensions might be cheaper, but it’ll only end up giving you an uneven result. We recommend buying 4 to 6 packs of hair to cover your head perfectly for a voluminous and authentic finish. 

#2 Not installing them properly:

Unless you’ve practiced installing tape-ins several times beforehand, it’s best to leave that process to a professional. The perfect end result requires an authentic technique which can only be learned by experience. You need to make sure the bundles in which your extensions lie aren’t too thick or thin, so spend a few extra bucks to let a professional guide you through the installation.

#3 Changing your hairstyle frequently after installation:

Since the hairstylist installs your extensions considering your current hairstyle, it’s best to stick to it since changing it could expose areas where it’s obvious you’re wearing extensions.

#4 Facing slippage:

Here are a few reasons why you could be facing slippage.

Having too much oil in your hair can make your extensions slip away which is why it’s best to shampoo thoroughly before installing the extensions.

Using very thick bundles of hair to sandwich the extensions between can also make your extensions slip away due to the lack of adhesive.

It’s important to take your extensions out after 4 weeks or so as the tape will start coming off on its own and will damage or tangle your natural hair in the process.

#5 Facing hair loss:

Hair loss is rare in the presence of tape-in extensions but it’s possible if you apply the extensions too high as the tape can pull on your hair. However, applying them too low can make them slip away which is it’s best to consult a professional as they know the exact place to install the extensions. 

Installing tape-in extensions may seem like an easy process but without the help of a professional, the end result can turn out to be an uneven and unrealistic disaster. Look for a stylist that specializes in installing tape-ins for a perfectly authentic and voluminous look.

Here are the dos and don’ts of everything related to tape-in extensions which you must follow if you want realistic results.


  • Use silk pillow covers to avoid tangling your extensions in your sleep as they reduce friction.
  • Brush your hair regularly to avoid tangles and damage.
  • Avoid oil based conditioners since the oil can make your extensions slip away.
  • Experiment with different styles and lengths.
  • Consult a professional if you notice slippage or any damage to your natural hair.


  • Don’t wash your hair or swim any time during the first 48 hours of installing your tape-in extensions as the adhesive and extensions need some time to bond with your hair properly to be firmly connected. 
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair or brush your hair when it’s wet as it’s weaker than dry hair and can easily result in hair loss and detachment of extensions.
  • Don’t apply any product near the roots or the tape of your extensions.

There was a time when there weren’t any quick fixes available for girls with thin hair. Now, with the tape-in hair extensions gaining popularity, thin hair can be glammed up in no time too.
All you have to do is to get your hands on the best quality hair extensions that match the color and texture of your hair. Consult a stylist to get them installed even you want the utmost perfection. 

Tape-in hair extensions can instantly add volume, length, and thickness to your hair that you can style in any way possible. 

The reason why tape-in hair extensions are the best option for thin hair is that they do not tug or pull on the roots and cause any damage. This the safest way to add a ton of glam to thin hair and transform the whole look instantly. 

At USAhair.com, we have tape-in hair extensions made up of premium quality hair that is perfect for thin hair. 


Installing Tape-In Extensions on Thin Hair:

Tape-in hair extensions are a great option for thin hair because the tape attachments are quite discreet and blend it with your hair seamlessly, giving you natural looking length and volume. Here’s how you can easily install tape-in extensions with thin hair.

#1 Rinse Your Hair Well:

Before you install your tape-in hair extensions, make sure that your hair and scalp are deeply cleansed so that there is no dirt or grease blocking the way for the adhesive to stick properly.

Therefore, you need to thoroughly and carefully wash your hair before you commence with the installation of the tape-in hair extensions.

#2 Make Thin Sections:

When sectioning your hair to attach the hair extensions with, its best to make thin sections otherwise sticking the extensions together can be a bit troublesome. Thinner sections will give more space for the hair extensions to be attached.

#3 The “Sandwich” Method:

The “Sandwich” method is the way to go when it comes to applying tape-ins, which is, taking two wefts of the extensions and sandwiching a section of your hair between them, then sticking them together.

#4 Wait Before Washing:

It is important to let your tape-ins sit for 72 hours before washing since the adhesive requires time to strengthen the bond, otherwise, it can cause the bond to loosen and the extensions to slip.


Slipping and Falling of the Tape-in Hair Extensions

One thing that people fear the most about tape-n hair extensions is that they can slip amidst the day which can be quite embarrassing. However, there are a few reasons why the tape-ins slip. Here are the factors causing your hair extensions to slip or fall down. 

  • You have either not got your hair extensions installed by a professional or that professional is not trained enough. Installing them incorrectly is the main reason to cause slippage of hair extensions. 
  • You have experimented installing the tape-in hair extensions on your own in different ways without research. If you have no resource to get your hair done by a professional, then make sure to do thorough research and watch a video of experts installing tap-in hair extensions for a better understanding. 
  • You have got your hair extensions installed in oily or dirty hair. The oil or sebum in your hair will not allow the adhesive to stick to your hair and cause them to fall out during the day. 
  • You have attached the hair extensions a bit too close to the roots which have made your roots stiff and your bonds are weakened because of continuous tension on that area. 
  • You haven’t sealed your bond with heat which means the adhesive has not activated properly. Use a straightener to melt the adhesive into your hair and make the sticking 100 times stronger. 
  • You have washed your hair immediately after getting your tape-in hair extensions installed. The newly attached bonds need time to settle. If you will wash them right after getting done, the adhesive might get weak and slip from your hair. 
  • You are being a bit too harsh on your hair while grooming. Too much tugging and pulling will cause your hair extensions to fall out as the bond weakens. 
  • You are using too many strong chemicals on your hair which is disrupting the adhesive of your tape-in hair extensions. Use sulfate free shampoos to increase the longevity of your hair extensions. 
  • You have used poor quality hair extensions that do not have the best quality adhesive, which is also not safe for your natural hair.

How Much Do the Tape-in Hair Extensions Cost?

The cost of tape-in extensions varies in different brands and regions, but they’re generally pricier than other extensions. The quality also varies, as some vendors sell 100% human hair, some sell Remy hair, and some sell synthetic.
Tape-in hair extensions sold at ground-based stores are much more expensive than the ones online, which means you have to end up paying approximately $500 for just a single pack. You can get cheaper tape-ins at Amazon or Ebay, for a price as low as $50, but the quality will also decrease with the price.

That is why we recommend buying from USAhair.com because we offer high-quality tape-ins at very affordable rates. Plus, all our tape-in extensions are made from 100% genuine human hair and available in different lengths and colors.

At USAhair.com, one 45-gram pack of 14-inch hair costs $99.99 and you’ll only need 3-5 packs to cover your head, depending on the thickness of your hair. Not only do we offer tape-in extensions in different lengths such as 18-inch and 22-inch, other related products like glue remover and adhesive tape are also available at USAhair.com.

The installation price of tape-in hair extensions

Buying tape-ins isn’t the only time you need to spend money since you need to consult a professional to install the extensions to make sure the result is authentic and even. 

At most salons, the price of the installation should be somewhere between $90 to $150. However, if you buy the extensions from them, they might install them complimentarily or give you a discount. 

One thing you need to be sure of is that the hairstylist that you opt for is a certified professional or at least has years of experience and good reviews since the installation is a careful process and you don’t want to end up with uneven, unrealistic, and unsafe.


The Different Types of Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions come in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures. There are a bunch of options available to choose from. Here are the few types of tape-in hair extensions that you can buy at USAhair.com.

  • 14-inches.
  • 18-inches.
  • 22 inches.
  • 24 inches. 
  • Black.
  • Brown.
  • Blonde.
  • Highlighted.

The diverse range of our customer keeps us focused on creating all different kinds of hair extensions with different kinds of hair textures featuring various lengths and colors. At USAhair.com everyone can find something for themselves and instantly transform the look of their hair. 

You may find cheap hair extensions elsewhere but we do not compromise on our quality and try to resonate the rice with the premium quality products we provide. Trust us, it will be worth it. 


Hairstyles You Can Make With Tape-in Hair Extensions

There are countless hairstyles that you can make with tape-in hair extensions but there are a few that goes ideally well with tape-in hair extensions as they conceal the bonds perfectly. Here is how you can style with tape-in hair extensions and look absolutely stylish. 

  • The Classic Ponytail

A classic high ponytail is one of the most loved hairstyles since ages. It goes with every outfit and looks perfect on every occasion. A classic ponytail is perfect to wear with tape-in hair extensions as it hades the adhesive bonds from all the directions. Adding extensions to a ponytail can glam it up instantly and add a ton of length and volume to it. Whether you like it sleek and straight or curly, you will find your desired kind of tape-in hair extensions. 

You can also use a weft of tape-in hair extensions to tie around the band of your ponytail to give a classy appearance and finish the look. Most girls prefer wearing ponytails with hair extensions as this is the most fool-proof hairstyle for any kind of extensions.

high ponytail

  • An Elegant Half Up-do:

If your personal style leans more towards the feminine side of the fashion spectrum, then this hairstyle is the best option for you. Whether you are going to meet your boyfriend or going to the mall with your friends, this is the hairstyle to go for if you want a cute yet casual look. You can amp up the volume and length of your hair with the help of hair extensions. 

Divide your hair into two sections and divide both the section into two more sections. In the middle part of the top portion apply hair extensions as less as possible. In the lower section, apply hair extensions like you normally would and form the top half of your hair into an informal bun. 

half up half down

  • A Boho Fishtail Braid:

If you want to keep all your hair away from your face, then opt for a cute and boho fishtail braid. This hairstyle is intricate and requires quite a lot of hair. You can use tape-in hair extensions to add extra volume to your hair make your fishtail look thick and voluminous. You can also pay with different colors of hair extensions to add a bit of movement and texture to the hair. 

Conceal your bonds with the help of your natural hair and some bobby pins if needed and rock a beautifully voluminous fishtail. You will earn a ton of compliments, we bet!

hairstyle of tape in hair extensions

  •  Crown Braided Down-do

If you feel that wearing your hair down is the best option to go for when you have tape-in hair extensions on. Install your hair extensions like you normally would and curl the ends of your hair o blend your natural hair and hair extensions completely. Start off by braiding at either side of your forehead and braid all the way down. Tug on the braids to make them look voluminous. Below the normal braids add two lace braids on both the sides to add a lot more drama and glam factor to the hairstyle. 

Going o attend a wedding? Invited to your friend’s bridal shower, whatever the occasion it, this elegant hairstyle will complete your overall look and make you look pretty and polished instantly.

braided bun extensions


  • Simple Twisted Side Swept

If you do not want to wear your hair up because you have a lot of hair extensions on, then a simply twisted side-wept is the best option for you. Just simply twist a chunk of hair from above your ear that is opposite to your part and pin it under your hair to conceal the bobby pin. Your tape-in hair extensions will add length, volume, and texture to your simple side-swept hairstyle and make it look a lot more interesting. 

This hairstyle is perfect for a romantic date, a wedding, or any other formal occasion you are going to attend.

fishtail ponytail

  • Half-hair clipped up with braids on each side.

To achieve this look, you need to isolate two locks of hair from each side, on the top of the ear. Make sure this strand doesn’t contain any tape from the tape-in hair extensions. Make a braid out of each of those strands and after you’re done, take the braids and tie them together at the back using a clip.

Along with the braid, take a few strands of unbraided hair as well from each side.

half up braid

You can curl the bottom of your hair using a curler to enhance the effect and make your hair look even more stylish and fancier. The clip that you’re using could be of any color or size.

Make it match with the dress of your color to enhance the look of the outfit!

This hairstyle works great with curly as well as straight hair so it’s a great idea for when you’re out of other options.

  • Double-braided half-crown

This hairstyle is one of the easiest hairstyles to make. All you need to do is isolate two locks of hair on each side near the ear. Make a braid out of each lock of hair. After that, twist that braid and bring it to the other side from the back and then secure it in place using a clip.

Make sure the clip isn’t visible if you’re using an ordinary clip. Repeat this with the braid on the other side, twisting it around behind the head and bringing it to the same side as the first braid. This way, you have two braids crossing each other at the back, making a half-crown.

Not only is this hairstyle simple and easy to make but it also gives you a hairstyle where your hair is open but doesn’t keep coming in your way.

double braided half up

You can alter this hairstyle by adding a colorful ribbon to each of the braids or putting flowers on top of the crown. Flowers will look especially beautiful if you’re getting ready to go to a wedding or any other similar occasion.

You can also make two braids on each side, which would result in a half-crown braid with 4 braids instead of two as in the picture above. But we have another article about braids.

  • A braid made out of three braids

three braids

While this hairstyle may require some extra time and efforts, the end results are definitely worth it. All you need to do is part your hair vertically into three sections. Then, make a braid out of each section and secure the braids with hair ties.

After that, make a huge braid out of all three sections, like a mega-brand that is made out of the three initial maids. Loosen the parts of the mega-brand to give a sexy and messy look and then place a hair tie to secure your mega-braid.

This way, the hairstyle isn’t too tight and too fit. The messy look gives the hairstyle a more casual appearance that’s more suited for a day out at the mall or other casual days where you just want to hang out with your friends.

The only downside of this is that you’ll have to put in some extra efforts to get this style but at the end, the results are definitely worth it!

  • A side-braid with a ponytail

Part your hair from one side. Make sure that no tapes from the tape-in hair extensions are visible. Next, take a lock of your natural hair from the bigger part near the actual area of parting and then make a braid out of it.

side braid with ponytail

Take the braid through the longer side and then make a ponytail using a hair tie so that all your hair is securely locked in the ponytail with the braid facing one side as shown in the picture above.

Next, you can use a strand of the tape-in hair extensions and tie it around the hair tie to give the look that your hair is holding your ponytail in place of the braid. This gives a fancy finished look when compared to the look given by the pony-tie itself.

Not only is this hairstyle incredibly easy to make but it’s also a great way to keep your hair stylish while it’s in a ponytail.

  • The side twist and the side-part

This is another incredibly easy hairstyle that you can try on with hair extensions. All you need to do is part your hair from one side and then twist a strand of hair on the smaller side and secure it at the back using a hair clip.

It’s a pretty simple hairstyle and requires minimal effort.

You can curl the ends of your hair using a hair curler and then secure it in place by using a hairspray. However, be sure to use the hairspray away from the tapes of your tape-in hair extensions.

This hairstyle is great for all types of casual and formal occasions. It’s an all-rounder! It will work on any outfit and on any day (except when you’re hitting the gym or going for yoga, of course)!

side twist

You should definitely try this hairstyle out at least once. Give it a chance because it deserves at least one chance! It may look incredibly simple at first sight but it’s incredibly elegant and looks amazing!

  • A bun made of twisties

This should bring back memories from childhood when your mom would make twisties in your hair. On each side of your hair starting from the midline, you need to make French twists that go down till the bottom of the hair. Secure the twisties on each side with clips.

After that, wrap the lower end of the hair with a bun and secure it with clips. Make sure none of the tapes of your tape-in hair extensions can be seen on the front or on the sides.

This is a great up-do for when you want to wear your hair up. It’s great for formal events and sunny days when you don’t want your hair to suffocate you and crowd your face. It looks amazing and it will stay in place for a very long time! Try it out and see how it goes!

bun made twisted

These are just a few of the many hairstyles that you can try with tape-in hair extensions. There are literally thousands of hairstyles out there for all hair lengths that involve tape-in hair extensions. When it comes to hairstyles, the sky is the limit!

You should experiment with your hair by yourself too. Try out new styles and hair accessories that you’ve never tried before and seen which ones suit you the most and which ones are the easiest to pull off.

When it comes to your hair, you should never stop experimenting with new hairstyles because you never know which one will suit your hair the most and there are literally so many hairstyles out there to try that even if you tried a new hairstyle every day, you still wouldn’t be able to try all the hairstyles in the world!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a brush and a comb and start experimenting! It’s going to be worth it, I promise you!

With tape-in hair extensions, you can do these beautiful basic hairstyles and beautify them a lot more with your expertise. So grab your tape-in hair extensions and instantly transform your overall look.

How to take care of your tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a perfect solution for all volume-related and length-related hair problems. However, tape-in hair extensions require more care than a normal natural hair do. If you don’t take care of your tape-in hair extensions properly, they won’t last as long.

Depending on your hair-care routine, your tape-in hair extensions can last anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

This means that if you take proper care of your tape-in hair extensions, you can make them last for about twice as long!

Tape-in hair extensions have many advantages. They’re reusable, easy to install, can be installed quickly, and they blend in pretty well with your natural hair when compared with other types of extensions. Therefore, taking care of your tape-in hair extensions should be no problem for you because they’re providing you with so many other benefits!

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your tape-in hair extensions so that they last longer:

  • Wash and shampoo your hair frequently

You need to keep your tape-in extensions as well as your natural hair oil-free and dirt-free in order to let your tape-in hair extensions last longer. The proper way to do this is to shampoo your hair at least every other day. This is especially true if you have oily hair because oil can loosen the bond between your hair and the tape-in extensions. Therefore, if you have oily hair, you need to shampoo your hair at least every other day. If you have dry hair, you can shampoo less frequently, about twice a week.

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo

I’ve shared this tip earlier as well but I’m going to share it again because it’s just that important. Tape-in hair extensions need to be gently treated. If they’re treated with harsh chemicals like sulfates or other such chemicals, then their bond with your hair can weaken, and they will start to come off way earlier than they should.

There are many sulfate-free shampoos available on the market. Choose the one that suits your hair the best! Do some online research tool to find out which brand gives the best sulfate-free shampoo.

Not only should the shampoo be sulfate-free but any other cleansing product that you use on your hair should also be sulfate-free.

  • Don’t use conditioners or any other products too close to the roots

Conditioners and other styling products can contain oils and other chemicals that may interfere with the bonding of the tape-in hair extensions to your hair. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that you don’t use any such products near your roots or most importantly, near the tapes of your tape-in hair extensions.

These products can interfere with the bond between your hair and the tape-in hair extensions, thereby making your tape-in hair extensions slip away. If you really want to use conditioners and other products, you should apply them downstream to the tapes of your tape-in hair extensions and be very careful that they don’t come into contact with any of the roots of the extensions.

  • Avoid ironing your hair or letting them come into contact with other heat-releasing styling devices

Whenever you need to dry your hair, avoid using your hair dryer and let your hair dry naturally. The heat from your hair dryer can melt the glue on the tape of your tape-in hair extensions and in the long run, this will reheat and melt the glue so many times that eventually, the glue won’t be as effective in holding the extensions to your hair anymore.

Furthermore, applying a straightener to the tips of your tape-in hair extensions can be a big disaster so avoid doing that at all costs. Using a hair straightener directly on your tape-in hair extensions can cause much more damage than using a blow dryer.

  • Never go to bed with wet hair

Wet hair is way more brittle than dry hair and breaks much more easily. Therefore, you should never go to bed with wet hair as it can really damage your hair along with the hair on the tape-in hair extensions. Always let your hair air-dry before going to bed.

  • Use silk covers for your pillows

Silk pillows are soft and don’t provide resistance to your hair. Therefore, it’s ideal to choose silk pillow covers for sleeping on. Less friction means that there are fewer chances of your hair getting tangled and less hair getting tangled means that you’re taking care of your hair better because tangles can lead to damaged and broken hair strands.

  • Brush your hair regularly

You need to brush your hair more often when you have tape-in hair extensions installed. This way, you can catch tangles on their early stage and prevent excessive damage to your hair. Not only will brushing keep your hair tangle-free but it will also make sure that your hair looks perfect all day, every day.

  • Start brushing from the bottom and then work your way up

Brushing your hair from the bottom is a better idea than starting from the top because it prevents excessive hair damage and is a much gentler approach. Be careful and gentle whenever you’re handling the tape-in hair extensions and be careful not to pull too hard!


While these tips may intimidate you, it’s actually for the best.

Tape-in hair extensions are actually pretty easy to care for.

By following these steps, you make sure that your tape-in hair extensions will last longer. They normally last for about a month if they’re not taken care of properly. However, if the tape-in hair extensions are provided with extensive care and maintenance, they can easily last for as long as two months!

Before you consider getting tape-in hair extensions installed, we advise you to think carefully about the pros and cons of getting the extensions installed. After all, they do cost quite a bit and if you think you won’t be able to handle them, then don’t get them installed in the first place.

We really want what’s best for our customers so we don’t just want to lure you into buying tape-in hair extensions. We want to make sure that you’re happy with the decision too once you get them!

If you do decide to get them, we at US Hair provide the highest-quality tape-in hair extensions in the most affordable rates. Therefore, we want you to consider buying them from us!

We provide hair extensions to some of the top salons in America and they’re very happy to work with us,

For more details about tape-in hair extensions, you can always email us at our email address, info@usahair.com