We all know it takes months to grow out hair that is long enough for a full and thick ponytail, which is required for some events and occasions. Thankfully, with a wrap ponytail extensions from Tara Hair, you won’t have to wait months! Real hair ponytails sold on TaraHair.com are made of high-quality real human hair that will blend seamlessly with your own hair for a natural result.

Our human hair ponytail extensions are soft & thick. Tara Hair ponytail extensions are easy to install and remove. You can do it yourself safely & quickly from home. It takes only a few seconds to install these ponytail hair extensions. Choose among 30 shades ranging from black ponytail hair extensions, blonde ponytail hair extensions, brown ponytail hair extensions, ombre ponytail hair extensions. There is sure to be a perfect match for your own hair color.

Ponytail hair extensions are perfect for busy ladies on the go! You can get the long and luscious locks you’ve always wanted without having to wait months for your own hair to grow out. Install and remove them in a matter of seconds – it’s that easy!

Why wait months for your own hair to grow out when you can achieve the look you want with real human wrap Ponytail Extensions from Tara Hair? With 30 shades to choose from and quick & easy installation, you’ll be loving your new look in no time!