Can You Part a Hair Topper? Styling and Care Tips from Tara Hair

Can You Part a Hair Topper? Styling and Care Tips from Tara Hair


Hair toppers have become a staple in the world of hair enhancement, offering a seamless solution for those looking to add volume, cover thinning areas, or simply enhance their hairstyle. At Tara Hair, we specialize in providing high-quality hair solutions that meet the needs of our diverse clientele. Our hair toppers, made from 100% Remy hair, are designed with precision and care to ensure they blend naturally with your own hair, enhancing your overall look without the need for permanent alterations.

Understanding the various styling capabilities and limitations of hair toppers is crucial for anyone considering this type of hair enhancement. Whether you're dealing with hair loss or just want to change up your look, knowing how to properly handle and style a hair topper can make all the difference. In this guide, we will explore the possibilities and methods for parting Tara Hair's hair toppers, providing you with all the information you need to make the most out of your hair addition.

What is a Hair Topper?

A hair topper is a partial wig or hairpiece specifically designed to cover the top section of the head, offering a solution to hair thinning and loss while adding volume and fullness. Unlike full wigs, hair toppers integrate with existing hair, creating a natural-looking blend that enhances the wearer's hair without covering the entire scalp. They are ideal for those who do not require the full coverage of a wig but still seek to address areas of less density or specific concerns such as bald spots or thinning at the crown.

At Tara Hair, we offer a variety of hair toppers tailored to meet different coverage needs:

  • Part Coverage: Perfect for beginning stages of hair thinning along the part line.
  • Large Part Coverage: Offers a wider area of coverage, suitable for more significant hair thinning around the part.
  • Crown Coverage: Designed to cover areas of the crown that may be thinning, providing volume and fullness.
  • Full Crown Coverage: Extends beyond the crown for those needing additional coverage at the top of the head.
  • Full Coverage: The most comprehensive option, covering the entire top area of the head, ideal for advanced hair thinning and loss.

Each of these options is made from the finest 100% Remy hair, ensuring a realistic appearance and feel that can be styled just like natural hair, maintaining Tara Hair's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Can You Part a Hair Topper?

One common question from users of hair toppers is whether they can part their hairpiece to align with their natural hair or change up their look. At Tara Hair, our toppers come with a predetermined part that has been carefully crafted to look natural and blend seamlessly with your own hair. However, while it is possible to adjust the part, doing so requires careful handling to maintain the integrity of the topper.

Altering the parting of a hair topper can be challenging. Because our toppers are designed with a set part, changing it involves more than just moving the hair from one side to the other. It requires meticulous styling techniques and may involve heat tools, special products, and sometimes additional professional help to achieve a new look without damaging the hairpiece.

It's important to note that once a hair topper is altered, it cannot be returned to Tara Hair. This is considered a modification to the original product, and as such, it is important for customers to be sure of their styling choice before making any changes. Here are a few tips for those looking to adjust their topper’s part:

  • Use the right tools: Always select tools that are safe for use on Remy hair, including low-heat flat irons and gentle styling products.
  • Proceed with caution: Heat styling can alter the texture and longevity of the hairpiece, so use the lowest effective temperature.
  • Consult a professional: If unsure, it’s always a good idea to take your topper to a professional stylist who can change the part without risking damage to the hair.

By understanding these limitations and care requirements, you can enjoy the versatility of your Tara Hair topper while keeping it looking its best.

Styling Tips for Hair Toppers

To maximize the appearance and lifespan of your Tara Hair topper, it's crucial to adopt the right styling techniques. Here are some expert tips to help you achieve the best results while maintaining the quality of your hairpiece:

  1. Gentle Handling: Always handle your hair topper with care. When brushing, use a soft bristle brush and start detangling from the ends, working your way up to reduce stress on the fibers.

  2. Washing and Conditioning: Wash your hair topper sparingly and use products recommended for Remy hair. It’s best to wash the topper after 10-14 wears, or when there is a buildup of products. Use lukewarm water and gently pat the hair without rubbing to avoid tangling.

  3. Drying and Styling: Avoid wringing out your topper. Instead, blot it gently with a towel and let it air dry on a wig stand. If you need to use a hair dryer, use a cool setting. To style, use heat protectant sprays and keep heat tools on a low setting to prevent damage.

  4. Storing Your Topper: When not in use, store your hair topper on a wig stand or in a silk or satin bag to maintain its shape and prevent tangles. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or damp areas.

  5. Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance by a professional stylist can help keep your topper looking fresh and natural. They can also make minor adjustments and repairs as needed.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a beautifully styled hair topper that looks natural and lasts longer. Whether you're wearing your topper daily or for special occasions, proper care will ensure it continues to meet your styling needs effectively.

Product Spotlight: Quality Hair Toppers

At Tara Hair, our commitment to excellence is showcased in our premier line of Quality Hair Toppers, crafted from 100% Remy hair. These toppers are not only a testament to our dedication to quality but also to the versatility and satisfaction they bring to our customers. Here’s a closer look at the distinctive features and options available in our collection:

Features of Quality Hair 100% Remy Hair Toppers:

  • Natural Look and Feel: Our toppers are made with Remy hair, which ensures that all hair cuticles are running in the same direction, reducing tangles and mimicking the natural hair growth. This results in a smoother, more natural-looking finish that blends seamlessly with your own hair.
  • Durability and Longevity: Remy hair is known for its superior strength and durability. With proper care, these hair toppers can maintain their quality and appearance for a long time, making them a worthwhile investment.
  • Styling Flexibility: Despite the predetermined parting, our hair toppers offer enough flexibility for various styling options, accommodating everything from soft waves to sleek, straight looks.

Coverage Options:

  • Part Coverage: Ideal for targeting specific thinning areas along your natural part line.
  • Large Part Coverage: Provides a wider breadth of coverage, perfect for more pronounced thinning.
  • Crown Coverage: Helps to conceal thinning at the crown, adding volume and fullness where it's most needed.
  • Full Crown Coverage: Offers extensive coverage, suitable for those with significant hair thinning beyond the crown.
  • Full Coverage: The most comprehensive option, designed for those who require full top coverage due to advanced stages of hair thinning or loss.

Our Quality Hair Toppers are not just about concealing hair loss; they're about restoring confidence and enhancing your natural beauty. Each piece is a reflection of our brand's quality and our customers' satisfaction, ensuring that anyone who chooses a Tara Hair topper can feel fabulous and confident in their look. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or significant transformation, our toppers provide the perfect solution.

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