Collection: Coudre des extensions de cheveux en trame

Les extensions de cheveux à coudre de Tara Hair offrent un moyen traditionnel et efficace d'obtenir une transformation spectaculaire en termes de volume et de longueur. Ces trames sont cousues dans vos cheveux naturels, offrant une solution sûre et durable. Idéales pour celles qui ont les cheveux plus épais, les trames cousues répartissent le poids uniformément, minimisant ainsi le risque d'endommager les cheveux naturels. Notre gamme comprend une variété de longueurs et de couleurs, garantissant un mélange naturel et une expérience de coiffage polyvalente. Les trames cousues sont un choix populaire pour ceux qui recherchent une méthode d'extension semi-permanente, offrant une durabilité et un aspect naturel et volumineux.

Sew-In Extensions: The Foundation of Transformative Style

Step into the world of Tara Hair Sew-In Extensions, also widely recognized as sew-in weaves, hair weaves, or wefts, and embrace the transformative power they offer to your hairstyling routine. These extensions provide a time-tested, durable solution for anyone looking to add volume, length, or even experiment with color without the commitment to permanent changes.

Tara Hair takes pride in offering sew-in extensions made from 100% real Indian Remy human hair, known for its superior quality, strength, and natural texture. Our wefts are meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, ensuring a discreet and natural-looking finish.

Available in three essential lengths – 14 inches, 18 inches, and 22 inches – our sew-in extensions cater to a variety of style preferences and needs. The weight of each weft is tailored to provide ample volume: 85 grams for the 14-inch length and 100 grams for both the 18-inch and 22-inch lengths. Typically, 1 to 2 packs are sufficient for a full head, allowing for a complete and voluminous look.

Your Sew-in Extensions Questions

What are sew-in extensions?

Sew-in extensions, or weaves, are hair wefts sewn onto braided hair, offering a semi-permanent hair extension method.

How long do sew-in extensions last?

Sew-in weaves can last for 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how they are maintained.

Can sew-in extensions damage my hair?

When installed, maintained, and removed correctly by a professional, sew-in extensions should not damage your hair. Proper care is key to preventing damage.

How are sew-in extensions installed?

The natural hair is braided into cornrows, and then the hair wefts are sewn onto the braids using a needle and thread.

Can I style my hair normally with sew-in extensions?

Yes, you can style sew-in extensions just like your natural hair, using heat styling tools and products as desired.

How do I wash my hair with sew-in extensions?

Gently wash your scalp and the extensions with a sulfate-free shampoo, followed by a conditioner, being careful not to disturb the braids.

Can I color my sew-in extensions?

Yes, but it's recommended to have this done professionally to ensure the color blends seamlessly and the hair isn't damaged.

How many packs of sew-in extensions do I need for a full head?

Typically, 1 to 2 packs are enough for a full head, depending on the desired volume and thickness.

Are sew-in extensions reusable?

Yes, with proper care, sew-in extensions can be reused for multiple installations.

What type of hair is used for sew-in extensions?

Tara Hair uses 100% real Indian Remy human hair for our sew-in extensions.

How do I remove sew-in extensions?

Removal should be done by a professional to carefully cut the threads and avoid cutting your natural hair.

Can I swim with sew-in extensions?

Yes, but it's advisable to wear a swimming cap to protect the hair from chlorine and saltwater.

How do I prevent my sew-in extensions from matting?

Regularly brush your extensions with a wide-tooth comb or soft bristle brush, and attend maintenance appointments.

Will sew-in extensions work with thin hair?

Yes, they can be a great option for adding volume to thin hair, but the braids must be done carefully to avoid tension on the scalp.

How much do sew-in extensions cost?

The cost varies based on the length and volume desired, as well as the stylist's fees, but generally ranges from $200 to $600 for the hair and installation.

Caring for Your Tara Hair Sew-In Extensions

  • Gentle Washing: Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, focusing on the scalp and gently working through the extensions.
  • Dry Thoroughly: Ensure your scalp and wefts are fully dried after washing to prevent mildew or odor.
  • Night Care: Braid your hair or tie it up gently to prevent tangling and matting while sleeping.
  • Heat Styling: Use heat protectant sprays and avoid excessive heat to preserve the integrity of the hair.
  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular appointments with your stylist for tightening and checks to ensure the longevity of your sew-in.

Why Choose Tara Hair Extensions?

  • Unmatched Quality: Our 100% real Indian Remy human hair guarantees a natural look and feel, blending seamlessly with your own hair.
  • Versatility: Available in 14, 18, and 22 inches, our sew-in extensions offer flexibility in styling and length choices.
  • Durability: Designed for long-lasting wear, our wefts ensure your style remains flawless and voluminous.
  • Ethically Sourced: Committed to ethical practices, we ensure our hair is sourced responsibly.
  • Affordable: We provide high-quality extensions at competitive prices, making luxury accessible.
  • Color Variety: With over 40 shades available, finding your perfect match is simple and satisfying.

Tara Hair's Sew-In Extensions are the foundation for anyone looking to dramatically enhance their hairstyle with confidence and style.