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Tara Hair

Blonde Nano Rings Beads Hair Extensions, 20 grams, 100% Real Remy Human Hair

Blonde Nano Rings Beads Hair Extensions, 20 grams, 100% Real Remy Human Hair

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Hair Lengths & Weight

Product Specifications

  • Type: Nano rings beads tip extensions
  • Quality: 100% Real Remy Human Hair
  • Distribution: 20 strands 
  • Brand:  XO ™
  • Hair lengths: 14", 18", 22", 28"
  • Hair weight: 20g 
  • For a full head, we recommend 5 to 8 packs. 
 Hair length chart

Description How to choose my color & length Caring for Your Nano Beads Extensions Shipping & Returns

Nano rings beads Hair Extensions, Indian Remy Human Hair 100%

Nano Ring Beads Extensions by Tara Hair represent the latest in extension technology, offering a discreet and comfortable solution for those seeking to enhance their hair's length and volume. These extensions feature incredibly small nano rings, which are the smallest available, making them virtually undetectable in the hair. The rings are used to secure high-quality, ethically sourced human hair extensions to small sections of your natural hair. This method eliminates the need for heat or glue, reducing the risk of damage to your natural hair. Available in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures, Nano Ring Beads Extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a truly natural look. They are especially suited for those with finer hair, as the tiny rings are less likely to be visible or weigh down the hair. Tara Hair's Nano Ring Beads Extensions are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and almost invisible hair extension option.

When shopping from Tara Hair, choosing the perfect color match and length is key to achieving a natural, seamless look. To select the right color, compare your hair's mid-lengths to the ends with Tara Hair's extensive color chart under natural lighting, ensuring the extensions will blend effortlessly with your natural hair. If in doubt, opt for a slightly lighter shade as it can be more forgiving and can blend well with multiple tones in your hair. For length, consider your lifestyle and desired look; if you're seeking volume with a natural feel, choose extensions that are only a few inches longer than your natural hair. For a dramatic transformation, longer extensions will provide that impact. Remember, longer extensions require more care, so balance your desired style with practicality. Tara Hair's range offers versatility to suit varied preferences, ensuring you can find extensions that feel like they were made just for you.

Caring for Your nano rings beads Extensions

Caring for your Nano Ring Beads Extensions from Tara Hair requires gentle handling to maintain their appearance and longevity. Regular brushing with a soft bristle or loop brush is essential to prevent tangling, especially near the roots and the nano rings. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to wash your hair, gently working the products through the lengths and avoiding the nano rings to keep them secure. When conditioning, apply only to the mid-lengths and ends to avoid loosening the rings. Avoid sleeping with wet hair and consider braiding your hair loosely at night to prevent tangling. When using heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant and keep tools away from the nano rings to prevent damage. It's important to schedule regular maintenance appointments to check and tighten the nano rings as your natural hair grows. With proper care, Tara Hair's Nano Ring Beads Extensions will stay looking beautiful, healthy, and natural for a long time.

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