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Tara Hair

Ombre Chestnut Brown Fusion Prebonded Keratin Tip Extensions, 20 grams, 100% Real Remy Human Hair

Ombre Chestnut Brown Fusion Prebonded Keratin Tip Extensions, 20 grams, 100% Real Remy Human Hair

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Hair Lengths & Weight

Product Specifications

  • Type: Fusion prebonded keratin tip extensions
  • Quality: 100% Real Remy Human Hair
  • Distribution: 20 strands 
  • Brand:  XO ™
  • Hair lengths: 14", 18", 22", 28"
  • Hair weight: 20g 
  • For a full head, we recommend 5 to 8 packs. 
 Hair length chart

Description How to choose my color & length Caring for Your Keratin Tip Extensions Shipping & Returns

Fusion prebonded keratin tips Hair Extensions, Indian Remy Human Hair 100%

Fusion Prebonded Extensions by Tara Hair are a luxurious and long-lasting solution for those seeking a natural and voluminous hair transformation. These extensions use high-quality, ethically sourced human hair, prebonded with a keratin tip to ensure a strong and secure attachment to your natural hair. The fusion method involves bonding the extensions to your hair using a heat connector, creating a seamless and durable link that can last for months. Available in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures, they blend flawlessly with your natural hair, offering a discreet and versatile styling option. Ideal for those wanting a semi-permanent, full-bodied look, Tara Hair’s Fusion Prebonded Extensions provide a natural-looking finish, allowing for a wide range of styling possibilities while ensuring the integrity of your natural hair.

When shopping from Tara Hair, choosing the perfect color match and length is key to achieving a natural, seamless look. To select the right color, compare your hair's mid-lengths to the ends with Tara Hair's extensive color chart under natural lighting, ensuring the extensions will blend effortlessly with your natural hair. If in doubt, opt for a slightly lighter shade as it can be more forgiving and can blend well with multiple tones in your hair. For length, consider your lifestyle and desired look; if you're seeking volume with a natural feel, choose extensions that are only a few inches longer than your natural hair. For a dramatic transformation, longer extensions will provide that impact. Remember, longer extensions require more care, so balance your desired style with practicality. Tara Hair's range offers versatility to suit varied preferences, ensuring you can find extensions that feel like they were made just for you.

Caring for Your Fusion prebonded keratin tips Extensions

Caring for your Fusion Prebonded Extensions from Tara Hair requires attention to detail to preserve their quality and ensure their longevity. It’s important to brush your hair gently but regularly with a soft bristle brush or a special extension brush to avoid tangling, especially at the roots. Use sulfate-free and alcohol-free hair products to keep the extensions hydrated and to prevent the keratin bonds from weakening. When washing your hair, gently massage the scalp and avoid applying conditioner directly to the bonded areas. Avoid exposing the bonds to chlorinated water or saltwater as they can weaken the keratin. When styling, use a heat protectant and avoid direct heat on the bonds. It's recommended to loosely braid your hair before sleeping to prevent tangling. Regular maintenance check-ups are essential for adjusting the bonds as your hair grows. By following these care instructions, your Tara Hair Fusion Prebonded Extensions will maintain their beauty and integrity, offering a flawless and long-lasting enhancement to your natural hair.

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